The tomato plants in our garden are finally producing some delicious fruit! So far, we’ve had five ripe tomatoes, but there are a good 4 or 5 dozen tomatoes still on the vines, in various stages of ripening. I could be irritated about the fact that nobody in my family will even touch a raw tomato except me, but instead I’m just going to enjoy that I get to eat snacks like this and don’t have to share them with anybody. Especially since I’m trying to be nice to myself after slamming my finger in the back door yesterday. (I bought myself a red velvet cupcake to apologize, but I’m still feeling rather sniffy. And my blackened fingernail and swollen finger are driving me crazy as I try to go about my business.) I’m planning to do some canning, should the tomatoes all overwhelm me at once, but for now they’re nice with just a little salt and pepper. Geoff and I watched a documentary last night about slow food, and eating locally, and I was thinking about whether fresh, local food actually tastes better than food from the grocery store. And then I bit into these tomatoes this morning and remembered what actual tomatoes (not the pasty little things from the store) taste like, and I was converted. Delicious.

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