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Oh, man! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted here last. I’ve been so consistent with posting for such a long time, and I didn’t really intend to take a break. But lately life has just been so busy and crazy that it’s hard to sit down and write a post for each day. I’m still cooking a lot and trying lots of new recipes, but somehow the thought of posting them on the blog feels overwhelming. My plan at the moment is to take the rest of May off and be back in June with new posts three times a week.

Just in case you’re wondering, here are a few of the things occupying my time at the moment:


I was unexpectedly offered more hours at work recently, so I’m now working full time as a nurse! I think it will be a good change for us, but it has definitely been an adjustment (and it’s only been a week so far). I also got to do a cooking demonstration at work for the residents this Monday and it was a lot of fun! I made enchilada lasagna and a salad with a Cafe Rio-copycat dressing, and it was all fabulous. As much as I hate speaking in front of a group, I had fun and would love to do it again.


Abby had her kindergarten graduation program this last week, and I realized (yet again) that I’m not really ready for her to be a grown up first grader yet! I’ll confess that I did a little sniffling while she was up there singing with her class.


I’ve been taking an Illustrator class online through Nicole’s Classes, and I totally love it. I’ve wanted to learn Illustrator forever, but it has intimidated me for a long time. My class makes it easy to understand, though, and I’ve learned so much. I love this (fake) party invite I made using Illustrator.

Life is just busy busy busy all the time lately, but I miss my little blogging home here and I love interacting with all of you so much! I’m hoping that next month things will be a little more settled and I’ll have more time to devote here! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Alicia, my oldest daughter just graduated from college and my baby is graduating from high school. And though I am sure you have heard this before…please soak up as much of your daughter as you can. The next 12 years will fly by with extreme speed.
    Thanks for sharing this little picture (and making me cry).

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