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hash brown waffles

Okay, this is definitely more of a kitchen tip than an actual recipe, but since it’s my favorite thing I’ve made all week, I’m definitely going to share it! My family has been nuts about hash browns lately, so when I saw this idea on Pinterest a few days ago, I was excited to try it. I read a bunch of different methods and kind of combined some different ideas, and they turned out awesome! I love how crisp and delicious they get on the outside, and they could not be easier to make. I’ve had requests for them every day since I made them, so I think it’s safe to say they’re a new family favorite!

They are seriously so simple! Start by preheating your waffle iron. When it’s heated, spray with cooking spray, and add some frozen tater tots (no need to thaw first). I did 3 rows of 3 and that worked great for my waffle iron. If yours is shaped differently than mine, use whatever configuration works.

Drop the top down and put a little pressure on it to start squishing those tater tots. Cook 10-15 minutes, continuing to apply more pressure as the tater tots warm up, until the waffles are golden brown and crispy.

Mine popped out of the waffle iron easily (I used a fork like I do with regular waffles) and held together really well. If they’re falling apart when you try to pull them out, I would recommend letting them cook a little while longer. We ate them with ketchup for dipping and some fried eggs and fruit on the side. Super delicious and my kids cleaned their plates. I hope you’ll like them as much as we do!

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