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Our Tonsillectomy Experience + Our Favorite Healthy Smoothie Recipes!

Hey friends! I have a post that’s a little different to share with you today. I know I usually stick to just the food posts, but I was asked to share some information about our experience at Riverton Hospital and thought it might be helpful for any Utah locals (or really anyone who’s looking into a tonsillectomy for their young child).

Our daughter Abby had been snoring loudly pretty much since birth. When she was almost five, she was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea due to her enlarged tonsils. Her doctor recommended a tonsillectomy, and it was scheduled at the Primary Children’s Outpatient Center at Intermountain Healthcare Riverton Hospital. I had never been there before and really had no idea what to expect, and I was very pleasantly surprised!

A few days before the surgery, Abby and I went to a special class at Primary Children’s, where they walked us through all the steps of the surgery. They let Abby touch and handle some of the equipment used and gave us a quick tour of an operating room. I absolutely loved that they offered the class, and I felt like it did wonders for helping with Abby’s anxiety about her surgery. Everyone was so kind and patient with her and made her feel really comfortable.

The day of the surgery, we checked into Riverton Hospital and had a quick history and physical. Abby changed into her cute little hospital pajamas and thought they were hilarious!

After she was all set, we hung out in the waiting room. I loved that everything was set up with children in mind and it was a happy, comfortable space. Abby colored a little “surgery buddy” and loved watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The staff were so helpful and came to check on us several times while we waited. When it came time to go back to the operating room, Abby absolutely refused to ride in the wagon they usually use to transport kids. The anesthesiologist asked if she could carry Abby back to the room instead, and Abby cheerfully agreed. It meant a lot to me that she took the time to make sure Abby was comfortable instead of just insisting that Abby ride in the wagon. I got a little teary saying goodbye to her before surgery, but I knew she was in great hands!

It was only about 30 minutes later that they came to get me and told me Abby’s surgery went great! After about another 15 minutes, I was able to come see her in the PACU. She looked so little and vulnerable, but the nurses were amazingly sweet with her.

From about the second she woke up, she was mad about the IV in her foot, but they quickly got her smiling and giggling. She was thrilled that after we moved over to the post-op unit, she got to have an orange slushy! (I know she doesn’t look all that thrilled, but she still talks about that slushy to this day, so obviously it was the highlight of her life.) Again, I loved that everyone was so patient and understanding with her. I really liked that they explained to her everything they were doing and used age-appropriate language.

Pretty soon, we were ready to head home! The staff helped us find a compounding pharmacy close by so we could pick up her medications, and we were off! We were only at the hospital for about four hours total, but it was definitely a great experience for us. Every step along the way, the staff were so helpful and kind, and I really appreciated that the experience was streamlined so we could move through as quickly as possible. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone!

One thing that Abby could not get enough of while she was recovering was smoothies! I made a smoothie for her at least once a day and they were the perfect treat for her sore throat. I also liked that I could pack in some vitamins and nutrients when she wasn’t very interested in solid food. Here are a few of our favorite soothing smoothie recipes:

Mango Pineapple Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Tropical Green Smoothie

Thanks for reading and click here for more information about Intermountain Healthcare Riverton Hospital!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my time by Today’s Mama and Intermountain Healthcare
but all opinions are my own.

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