this week’s menu

This week is a little nutty. We had friends over for dinner on Sunday, and we have more friends scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday, and my mom’s graduation (with her master’s in education) on Friday. We also have swimming lessons Monday through Thursday at 6:55 p.m. (for the next three weeks), which makes dinner harder to coordinate. Today I had a job interview, Goober’s four month checkup, swimming lessons, and a desperately needed trip to Target. I’m really hoping to be able to stick to our menu instead of slipping into eating out, but who knows?

Sunday: chicken pillows, zucchini, fresh cherries (I didn’t get to the chicken pillows last week)
Monday: Jimmy John’s (it was a crazy day)
Tuesday: skillet vegetable lasagna
Wednesday: tuscan linguine with fresh basil pesto and mushrooms, garlic bread
Thursday: mar-a-lago turkey burgers
Friday: egg and bean burritos (a la Geoff)
Saturday: graduation dinner for my mom at the Grand America (yum!)

Treats: apple crisp, hot fudge peanut butter pudding cake
(Yes, I listed both of them in previous weeks and never made them. This time I’m making them for realsies.)

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