easy quinoa salad

So… I have a confession. I know quinoa is supposed to be the bees knees, and every blogger in the world loves it. And guess what? I don’t really love it. I’ve tried a few recipes for breakfast quinoa, and been less than impressed. A few years ago Geoff and I went to this crazy restaurant called One World, where customers can pay whatever they like for the food. And I swear, every single dish we ate was at least half quinoa. Even the dessert. Blech.

I keep trying to change my mind about it, because supposedly it’s incredibly nutritious, and this salad did a lot to improve my opinion of it. I had some leftover plain quinoa in the fridge, and tossed it with some fresh tomatoes, mango, black beans, and avocado, then added a little italian dressing. It was pretty tasty! I’m still not totally sold on the texture, but as far as taste, it was pretty much perfect. Good enough that I would definitely make it again. Someday, quinoa, you and I will be tight. 🙂

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