fresh strawberry limeade

This is one of those making-it-up-as-I-go recipes that turned out super awesome! I had made some yummy Southwestern-ish food for dinner (coming later this week to the blog) and wanted a nice refreshing drink to go with it. This limeade was so quick to put together, and super delicious! Both of my littles loved it too. It’s the perfect drink for any summer dinner!

Fresh Strawberry Limeade

2 cups frozen strawberries
5 cups water, divided
6 tablespoons sugar, divided (more or less to taste)
3 limes, cut into pieces (I usually cut them in half, and then each half into fourths)

Add strawberries and 2 cups water to blender, and blend until smooth. Pour the mixture into a pitcher, and set aside. Add limes, remaining sugar, and remaining water to the blender and pulse 6-8 times. Pour through a strainer into the pitcher with the strawberry mixture. Mix well, then serve. (If you’re really bugged by strawberry seeds in your drink, you could pour the whole thing through a strainer before serving.)

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  1. This has to be my favorite drink! Your recipe looks so simple with frozen strawberries and really delicious! Pinning it!

  2. Yes, keep the peels on! Just don't pulse too much or it gets a little bitter. And they all get strained out anyway. I love how easy it makes the whole thing!

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