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teriyaki chicken stir fry

I know you’ve seen a lot of desserts from me lately (like these amazing salted caramel chocolate chip cookie bars, or these funfetti sugar cookies) but really we eat pretty healthy food most of the time around here. Because we’re both so busy most days, quick and healthy meals like this are a must! My girls are crazy about broccoli right now (I know, I can’t believe it either!) and so I’ve been trying to come up with meals that include their favorite of all vegetables. This meal was a hit with the girls (although they did pick out all of the peppers and make gagging noises over them) and Geoff and I loved it too. It’s a delicious, colorful, and healthy weeknight meal! It paired very nicely with the baked brown rice that I made and was filling but still light.

I think this stir fry would work well with any variety of vegetables, and I’m excited to try it with some of my favorites like zucchini and snap peas. I would suggest prepping everything you will need before you start cooking the chicken, so it all be easy and quick to put together. (I’ll confess that I got a little frantic trying to get everything ready at once while the chicken was cooking, and it would have been way easier if I had just prepped everything first. C’est la vie.) All in all, this meal was a total win!

Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry
adapted from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

stir fry:
20 ounce can pineapple chunks, drained (juice reserved)
1 1/2 to 2 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast
1 tablespoon corn starch
salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon oil, more as needed
2 cups broccoli florets
1 red pepper, seeded and sliced (I used a combination of red and orange)
1/4 cup reserved pineapple juice

1/2 cup reserved pineapple juice
1/3 cup low-sodium soy sauce
1 tablespoon molasses
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
1 clove garlic finely minced
1 teaspoon minced fresh ginger or 1/4 teaspoon dried ginger
2 teaspoons corn starch

Slice the chicken breast into thin strips. Place the strips in a bowl and toss with corn starch and salt and pepper. Set aside while you prepare the vegetables. Whisk all sauce ingredients together and set aside. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Fry the chicken for a few minutes on each side, until cooked through and lightly browned (this should be quick if your chicken is thin). You may need to cook the chicken in two batches to prevent crowding the pan. Remove the cooked chicken to a plate. Add the broccoli, red pepper, pineapple, and pineapple juice to the hot skillet, cover, and let the vegetables steam 2-3 minutes, or until crisp-tender. Remove the cover and add the cooked chicken back to the skillet. Whisk the sauce to combine and then pour over the chicken and vegetables. Stir to combine and bring to a simmer. Simmer 2-3 minutes, or until sauce is thickened. Serve over rice and sprinkle with sesame seeds if desired.

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  1. This is one of those dish where you don't feel like you're missing out on anything because there are so many fab textures and flavours! Loving all the flavours and spices going on in that dish marinade..
    definitely looks delicious and something I would LOVE to eat.
    Thanks for shaing!
    Albina Bell

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