Hi! I’m Alicia!

I met my husband on the bus during my first semester of college, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We’ve stuck together through eight total college degrees, two rounds of nursing school, and countless bumps in the road. We have four ridiculous, adorable, impossibly clever kids who keep us busy (and often exasperated). I grew up in Salt Lake City, but relocated to Portland in 2016, and I love everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer! I love trying out new restaurants, exploring the coast, hiking through the forest, and staying cozy on rainy days. When I’m not cooking, baking, blogging, or photographing, you can usually find me reading, walking at the park, or listening to one of my favorite podcasts.

Food is my love language! I baked my way through nursing school, and it’s my favorite way to cope with stress (and make lots of friends, too!). These days, I stay home with the kids and work from home, while my husband works on an oncology unit. I love coming up with tasty treats to share with his co-workers. We mostly eat a pretty balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, but there are plenty of treats too!

When my oldest daughter was born, I realized how limited my cooking skills were. I wanted to make wholesome, nutritious, homemade food for her, and so I got to work learning how to cook everything myself, instead of relying on boxed mixes or convenience foods.

I definitely have plenty of days where I choose a convenient option instead, but I’m on a mission to learn to make as many processed foods from scratch as I can. On my blog you’ll find recipes for everything from homemade strawberry applesauce to homemade tortillas to homemade Cheez-It crackers. It’s my firm belief that everything is better when it’s homemade!

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